About GGI (History)

The State Hydrological Institute was established in October 1919 as a central scientific institution for the comprehensive study of natural waters.

In 1915-1917, the Commission on the Study of the natural productive forces of Russia  was formed on the initiative of Academician V.I. Vernadsky.

In 1918 at the Academy of Sciences the Committee for the Affairs of the RGI was established  by the decision of the Council, and it was headed by the President of the Academy A.P. Karpinsky. The decision to establish the Russian Hydrological Institute was taken by the People’s Commissariat of Education on June 19, 1919. In fact, systematic work began from October 7, 1919 after the approval of the “Regulations on the Institute”. This date was adopted later as the day the Institute was founded.

Under the leadership of the first director of the institute Glushkov, the main tasks of the institute were formulated: "Universal study of water, development of programs and methods of hydrological research and theoretical questions of hydrology, collection and systematization of water data in order to ensure the national economy."

All preparatory work for the creation of the Russian Hydrological Institute was carried out by the Organizing Committee under the chairmanship of Viktor Grigorievich Glushkov, full member of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The committee included academicians: V.I. Vernadsky, G.M. Krzhizhanovsky, M.A. Rykachev, Yu.M. Shokalsky; prominent hydrologists V.N. Lebedev, S.A.Sovetov; hydraulics A.A. Satkevich, N.N. Pavlovsky; oceanologists N.M. Knipovich, K.M. Deryugin, I.B. Spindler; limnologists and hydrobiologists L.S. Berg, G.Yu. Vereshchagin (Secretary of the Organizing Committee), hydrometeorologist A.A. Kaminsky; hydraulic engineers V.E. Lyakhnitsky, V.E. Timonov; Director of the Mining Institute D.I. Muskets; I.D. Mordukhay-Boltovskaya et al.

In 1926, the Institute was transformed into the all-union State Hydrological Institute (SHI).

Until 1930, the Institute was under the jurisdiction of the People's Commissariat of Education, and after the formation of the Hydrometeorological Committee, it was transferred to its authority and at the same time approved as an institution of all-union importance.

In 1935, Ivan Vasilyevich Yankovsky (a major military figure during the civil war, a geologist by training) was appointed as a director, and then (1937-1941) Alexei Sergeevich Smirnov, the graduate of the Moscow Hydrometeorological Institute, was director.

In 1942, the institute was headed by a graduate of the  Moscow Hydrometeorological Institute Valerian Andreevich Uryvaev. V. A. Uryvaev - Candidate of Technical Sciences, who devoted his entire life to the study of the surface waters of land and water resources of Russia. V. A. Uryvaev was able to organize many expeditions, created experimental bases in the city of Valdai and Illichevo village  - this is the best monument to him for centuries. He was very purposeful in formulating and solving scientific and practical problems.

In 1968, Alexey Alexandrovich Sokolov, Doctor of Geography, Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the RSFSR, laureate of the USSR State Prize, took the post of director.

After A.A. Sokolov left for a well-deserved rest, in 1981 Igor Alekseevich Shiklomanov became director, he successfully continued the research begun by his predecessors. I. A. Shiklomanov - Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor; Academician of the Academy of Natural Sciences (1991); He is the only Russian hydrological scientist who has received prestigious international awards - “For outstanding successes in the field of hydrology and international cooperation” (2001), established by UNESCO, WMO and IAHS and “For successes in environmental studies” Professor Taylor (2006). I. A. Shiklomanov was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor" (1981), "Friendship of Peoples" (1986) and "For Services to the Fatherland" IV degree (2010).

Since 2011, the Institute has been headed by the former deputy director of the State Hydrology Institute, an associate of  I. A. Shiklomanov in research, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, senior researcher Vladimir Y. Georgievsky.