Main research areas:

  • Generalization of materials from observations of a specialized network, including complex water-balance observations on experimental small catchments and in the basin of the Polomet river, observing meteorological and actinometric elements at a meteorological station of the II category, observing evaporation from a water surface on various evaporators, observing the hydrological and hydrochemical regime of lakes. The sedimentary ground of the VF SHI has the status of the Russian center for intercomparison of measuring precipitation. Since September 2005, the weather radar MRL-5 has been operational. The installation is included in the automated information system AKSOPRI created on the ETR, and especially around Moscow.
  • Field experimental hydrological studies primarily cover the interrelationship of surface and groundwater and the formation of runoff in the upper parts of the hydrographic network and in small river basins. The result of long-term channel studies was the discovery of a new phenomenon consisting in the formation and movement of a large accumulation of sediment along the channel and having a significant impact on the hydrological regime of the river.
  • Modernization of measuring instruments and network technical support. Digital level gauges UPC (developed by the State Hydrology Institute) and GRK-1 (developed by the CDB) have been testing the last few years . The UPC is prepared for use on the Roshydromet network. In 2004, recommendations were issued on measuring and processing the results of observations of the UPC by the modern software developed in the Valday branch of SHI. The conditions for testing flow meters have been created at the hydrometric test site. In 2005, tests of the prototype of the ISP-1M hydrometric turntable were carried out. In 2004-05. tests of the radio sensor of precipitations of the Central Administrative District and comparison of the testimony of the device under test with the data of the reference instruments of the Valday control system (VC) were carried out       at the precipitation testing site.
  • Development of software for the processing of hydrological data, water inventory, objective analysis of the state and network planning. The following programs have been developed:
    • control and data processing of level gauges UPC and GRK-1;
    • records of daily hydrological characteristics in the volume of the yearbook, including the recording of data from the KG-1m booklet in the “Person-River” format;
    • calculation of the flow in the presence of data on several hydrometric sections and channels;
    • sufficiency analysis of hydrological network data for solving problems of flow calculations and making decisions on network optimization, calculation of hydrological characteristics for the studied and insufficiently studied basins, editing and updating the database used;
    • processing the calibration of the turntables using a curvilinear relationship proposed by I.F. Karasev;
    • recording, examination and maintenance of a database of observation materials on the water evaporation network.
  • Development of guidance documents defining the methodology for conducting observations and data processing. At present, guidelines are being developed for calculations of the water balance of river basins, which should be an improved version of the existing MU No. 89, published in 1974. Special attention is paid to the possibilities of using new types of initial information, in particular, to radar data on precipitation and satellite (microwave sounding) data on the surface moisture of the soil. An improved method for calculating evaporation from watersheds takes into account the results of experimental studies in recent years.
  • Lake research is one of the traditional areas of research. The studies cover the issues of hydrology, hydrochemistry and hydrobiology of the lakes Valdai. In recent years, special attention has been paid to the methodological aspects of assessing the impact of human impact on lakes. The main base for carrying out research is the system of lakes Valday and Ujin, which have been observed since 1936. Part of the work includes other lakes of the Valdai lakes, as well as the system of the Chudsko-Pskov lakes.
  • Creation of electronic databases of long-term observations of the Valday  Branch. A complete set of daily observations of the runoff and other elements of the water balance of all small experimental and river catchments of the Valday branch, as well as observations of runoff formation factors (precipitation, moisture content in the aeration zone and snow cover, groundwater levels, soil freezing depth, snow depth, temperature and humidity) was recorded. The systematic and recorded urgent data of long-term observations of various hydrometeorological elements in forest conditions, including meteorological and actinometric data of a forest gradient installation, forest meteorological sites, hydraulic and weight soil evaporators, measurements of precipitation under the forest canopy, a complex of observations on water balance and stock sites.