State Hydrological Institute offers:

PhD post-graduate programmes in the following areas:

1) 05.06.01 "Earth Science" Specialties:

  • 25.00.27 "Hydrology, water resources, hydrochemistry"
  • 25.00.30 "Meteorology, climatology, agricultural meteorology"

2) 08.06.01 "Technique and technology of construction" Specialty:

  • 05.23.16 "Hydraulics and Engineering Hydrology"

Short-term professional development courses on such topics as:

  • "Engineering hydrologic calculations (facing modern challenges)"
  • "Automated hydrological complex. Acoustic Doppler Profilers. Methodological support of measuring hydrological equipment"


Instructors are leading specialists, candidates and doctors of sciences of the State Hydrological Institute, St. Petersburg State University and Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU).