The prioritized areas of the SHI for the coming years

Taking into account the objectives set by the Water Strategy of the Russian Federation for the period until 2020, the prioritized areas of the SHI for the coming years are:

  • Developing and modernizing the hydrological observations system, including the modernization of a specialized network of hydrological observations.
  • Developing experimental studies of water runoff formation and other elements of water balance in conditions of a changing climate.
  • Carrying out in-depth studies of surface water resources, hydrological regime of water bodies, and water use and water availability of various regions of the country in a changing climate and under anthropogenic impact.
  • Carrying out hydrological studies of methods and technologies used to prevent catastrophic floods and high waters of different origins.
  • Continuing the territorial generalization of hydrological monitoring data in the form of reference papers and updated maps of calculated hydrological characteristics of water bodies.
  • Improving methods for mathematical and physical modelling of hydrological processes.
  • Developing the scientific basis and practical recommendations for monitoring, controlling and regulating channel processes.
  • Maintaining the Water Cadastre/Register at the federal level, and contributing to its further development including its normative-methodical and technological basis.
  • Developing and regularly maintaining hydrological databases, and developing and improving electronic information products.

Now the SHI has the creativity potential to successfully carry out all its prioritized tasks, based on a sufficient number of highly qualified, experienced scientists and young talented professionals, institutional and administrative capacity, and technical and financial resources.