The Information-analytical Center for Maintenance of the State Water Cadastre "Surface Water"


Main activities are:

  • Developing and improving of the overall concept, legal, scientific and methodological basis of the Water Cadastre of the Russian Federation.
  • Developing, improving and maintaining computer technologies of the Water Cadastre in the section "Surface water", carrying out data analyses, processing and synthesis of information, and producing and distributing information products at the federal, regional and territorial levels.
  • Implementing scientific and methodological guidelines for activities related to the Water Cadastre in the section "Surface water", performing critical analyses of data and information products on a territorial and regional levels, and preparing appropriate annual reports on the effectiveness of the standard hydrological network.
  • Maintaining the unified database of "water resources", the database and computer archive data for the lake and reservoir regimes, the database for the wetland regime, and other information resources for the Water Cadastre of the federal level in the section "Surface Water". 
  • Assessing the current state of water resources, quality and their changes.
  • Preparing the publication of information products at the federal level, the directory of observation points, reviews, reference papers and other material.
  • Preparing and providing informational products at the federal level under the heading "Surface Water".
  • Implementing information data exchange at the interdepartmental and international levels.
  • Supporting the International Data Centre on Hydrology of Lakes and Reservoirs (HYDROLARE) under the auspices of the WMO (see.