The SHI structure

1. Department of Monitoring and Research Expeditions
1.1. Sediment and Erosion Laboratory
1.2. Laboratory Digital Cartography
1.3. Expeditionary group

2. Department of Hydrological Instruments

3. Department of Metrology and Standardization​

4. Department of River Runoff and Water Problems

5. Department of Experimental Hydrology and Modeling of Hydrological Processes

5.1. Group of Marsh Hydrology 
5.2. Laboratory of Hydrological ProcessesSimulation

5.3. Zelenogorsk Field Experimental Facility

6. Department of Hydro-ecological Research
6.1. Water Quality Laboratory​

7. Climate Change Research Department​
7.1. Laboratory for Study of Regional Climate Change

7.2. Laboratory for Study of Climate Change Impact

8. Department of Channel Processes
8.1. Laboratory of Forecasting and Monitoring of Channel Deformations

8.2. Channel Laboratory
8.3. Laboratory of Methods of Calculations and Forecasting of Channel Deformations

9. Department of Hydrophysics

10. Laboratory of Water Resources and Water Balance

11. Laboratory of Remote Sensing Methods and GIS

12. The Information-analytical Center for Maintenance of the State Water Cadastre "Surface Water"

13. Unit on Implementation of International Obligations

14. Department of Hydrometry and Hydrological Network

15. Laboratory of the State Hydrological Network Development

16. Department of Scientific and Technical Information
16.1. Scientific and technical Library

16.2. Scientific and Technical Archives

16.3. Editorial and publishing team